This new location is a luxurious temple of pleasure featuring dry-aging on premise. ( USDA PRIME beef, along with other PRIME graded beef from parts of Canada, with a selection of Japanese and Austrailian Wagyu A5, A9+ ). Boasting an award-winning wine cellar, and the finest spirits, Cognacs, and Signle Malts, you will also discover the imaculate Angry Lobster Bar in the lower level, that has a showcase of all the freshest Oysters, and shellfish that we have on the menu.

Like its conceptor, Peter Morentzos, La Queue de Cheval smacks of conquest, play, appetite, and acquisition… Morentzos has redrawn the culinary landscape of Montreal and become legendary in the hospitality industry. The creative genius behind 13 unique restaurant concepts and over 70 restaurants in 30 years, his signature venue; La Queue de Cheval, has drawn international acclaim and expanding globally.